Philippines Part II

The second day of my trip in Boracay consisted of a few adventurous activities. The first thing we did was "helmet diving" which I will probably never do again in my life. It's like scuba diving, but you basically drop down to the bottom of the ocean, with a helmet on thats connected to an oxygen tank, and you walk around the bottom of the ocean floor. It was probably one of the scariest things I've done considering I don't know how to swim. After that we went para sailing, banana boat riding, then ended the day cliff diving at another island. Bucket list, check!

Philippines Part I

So I went to the Philippines for the Holidays. It's my first time going during the Holidays and only my third time altogether. The trip there was a nightmare, spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at LAX and didn't have the best experience with Philippine Airlines, but it was all worth it as soon as I landed. The first week I was on the island of Boracay. Sandy white beaches and blue waters were breathtaking. Boracay is definitely similar to Waikiki, very touristy and very exciting night life. Here's part one of my Philippines adventures.